Welcome to our updated website!!! (Edition 2016)


Another year has passed with a lot of interesting moments and changes. For the fourth year in a row, we will be proud partners of the Disc Dog Challenge Germany, in which we believed from the first day and we will continue our efforts to promote the sport. Also the KMARCh can continue count on our support and dedication, and this since 2008.


Let’s start with the new things… a part from a cosmetic change there are also some fundamental changes in the way we work. So please contact us for information on availabilityand pricing, especially IF YOU ARE A RESELLER, ORGANIZATION OR CLUB, or when your order requires a more personal approach.


To contact us, email, phonecall, Facebook private message to either Sven Van Driessche or through the page of K9 Disc Store and Skype (Skype calls are always after appointment). Since I’m travelling around more and more, I have been looking to reply faster, using these programs and applications.


Probably the most exciting news for the dogs, is the fact we can also offer the product range from Hero Disc Japan, and especially the pups and small dogs will appreciate this. For the moment we are the only retailer in Europe for these discs so we are very happy with this opportunity.


We have officially launched our new project DODGEBEE in Europe last summer in Germany and the response was great. This sport/game is unknown to date here, but already on a competition level in the USA and some parts of Asia. Try it and enjoy the fun. Find out more about it on a page dedicated to this introduction. More information can be found on this page.


Also we will continue to sell the products of Kan Jam and we our proud to have all their products available from stock. A completely new page has been dedicated to this also fairly new recreational sport.


In the last 4 years we have built up a network of distributors in various countries. Most of the time, for small and medium sized orders, it might be worthwhile to contact them for your personal conditions. You might be surprised with the outcome. Also for some of you, you will have the luxury of being helped in your mother tongue as well. Find all our partners and allied shops/clubs in the links section of the website.


We wish you a disctastic 2016 and HAVE FUN browsing around on the website.

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