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K9 Disc Store has developed a new line of discs, especially designed to be used with dogs and developed by people who are active in the sport and have years of experience handling all types of discs from all brands. It's called K9-DISC and there are 3 types in various colors. Discover them in the product range and be amazed by the quality and ease to handle this disc. Made for all levels and most types of dogs!!! If we didn't think we could have improved the existing discs, we wouldn't have started the project...


Maybe you have noticed already, but the webshop didn't work out as expected. Also the increase in products wasn't a success. So we go back to the roots and switched to a website again where only dog discs and a bag or two are offered. Orders are welcome through Email, Messenger or phone... We appologize to the modern people, but it just wasn't meant to be... However, it will not reduce our service level... on the contrary!!!

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