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KanJam is a fast-paced 2-on-2 flying disc game

The Perfect game to play with your buddies on the beach or with your family in the backyard

KanJam is easy to pack and easier to set-up, making it a great camping and tailgating game.

KanJam is currently played in over 5500 schools across the USA and slowly finding its way to the European classrooms as well!

Find out more about our sets and start the fun!

KanJam Mini
KanJam Splash
KanJam Gliders
KanJam Illuminate
KanJam Standard Set

Not enough fun? In need of replacement? Playing Late Night? Have a look and fin out more Kan Jam products!

KanJam Mini Discs 3-pack
Kan Jam Illuminate addition
KanJam Replacement Disc

Add to your KanJam game experience with KanJam Mobile App! KanJam Mobile brings the Official KanJam Rules, How To Play video and an easy to use Scorekeeper to your fingertips.

Keeping score has never been easier - let the KanJam Mobile App do the work for you. Enter your Player Names to keep score right on your smart phone. The app will automatically declare a winner and even alert you at the key points in the game. Feel like gloating? Post the game results to your Facebook page, and start the rematch with the press of a button.

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