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A word from the manufacturer...


Hero Disc USA manufactures a full line of flying discs, including the Air, Sonic, Xtra, Atom, SuperSonic, SuperAero, SuperHero, SuperStar and SuperSwirl models (all displayed below, find out more by clicking on your selection); designed for general play and canine disc competition. In addition, Hero makes the Dodgebee, a soft flying disc used in a game similar to dodge ball; popular in Japan' school systems.


Our company's primary mission is to promote flying disc sports, worldwide. We are dedicated to quality manufacturing and product development to meet the unique needs and expectations of our customers…both human and canine alike.


Bring out the 'Hero' in your dog!

Hero Pup 120

Pup 120

Hero Sonic Distance 215

Sonic Distance

Hero Sonic Freestyle 215

Sonic Freestyle

Hero Air 235


Hero Xtra Distance 235

Xtra Distance

Hero Xtra Freestlye 235

Xtra Freestyle

All the above discs are for dogs with a soft bite, from Chihuahua to Labrador...

Hero Atom 185

Atom 185

Hero SuperSonic Taffy 215



Hero SuperSonic K9 Candy 215


K9 Candy

Hero SuperSonic K9 Candy Ice Dye 215


Ice Dye

Hero SuperStar 235



1st Gen

Hero SuperAero 235


2nd Gen

Hero SuperHero 235


Hero SuperHero Ice Dye 235


Ice Dye

Hero SuperSwirl 235


Top/Bottom Dye

Just remember that bite-resistant does not mean indestructible...

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