What you see here is an overview on all discs we have available for dogs per brand. So, if your dog already decided on the brand and type, this will lead you to your goal in the fastest way.

If you are less experienced, there are 3 important things to consider.


First it should be a safe disc. Unlike most retail shops, all our discs are safe for dogs and will not scatter when caught.


Secondly the size of the disc. This is determined by the size of the dog. When the size of the disc is smaller than the distance between the floor and the mouth of you pooch, you are OK!


The third aspect is the bite force of your dog. Food and toys are a key indicator in this. Does your dog eat cooked food or raw bones, does he mangle every toy after a split second or is he gentle and not destructive towards toys. If your Labrador chews away a black Kong (TM) toy in 5 minutes, go bite-resistant.


Logo Hero Disc USA
Hero Pup 120
Hero SuperSonic K9 Candy 215
Hero Air 235
Hero SuperSonic K9 Candy Ice Dye 215
Hero Sonic Distance 215
Hero SuperStar 235
Hero Sonic Freestyle 215
Hero Disc USA SuperAero 1st Gen
Hero Xtra Distance 235
Hero SuperAero 2nd Gen
Hero Xtra Freestyle 235
Hero SuperHero 235
Hero Atom 185
Hero SuperHero Ice Dye 235
Hero SuperSonic Taffy 215
Hero SuperSwirl 235
Logo Hyperflite
Hyperflite Competition Standard Pup
Hyperflite Midnight Sun
Hyperflite Z-Disc Fang X
Hyperflite Competition Standard
Hyperflite Jawz Pup
Hyperflite Z-Disc
Hyperflite Jawz Pup Hyperflex
Wham-O Fastback
Hyperflite Jawz
Hyperflite FrostBite Pup
Hyperflite Jawz Hyperflex
Hyperflite SofFlite Pup
Hyperflite Jawz X-Comp
Hyperflite FrostBite
Hyperflite Z-Disc Fang
Hyperflite SofFlite
Hyperflite Z-Disc Fang FLX
Logo Mamadisc
Mamadisc Mini Light
Mamadisc Mini Medium
Mamadisc Standard Light
Mamadisc Standard Medium
Logo Hero Disc Japan
Hero Disc Japan Airdog 160
Hero Disc Japan Airdog 185 Regular
Hero Disc Japan Airdog 185 Gummy

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