Get ready for what might be the biggest revolution in disc manaufacturing till now.

The first disc that is completely based on science, added with a sniff of feedback and finshed with a dash of experience...


To provide a safe and consistent disc for all breeds to enjoy at every level !

Already in the first year the brand has enormously evolved due to 3 types of plastic, 7 to 8 colors in two types and 3 colors in our newest addition. This won't change in the future as we are continuously searching for new solutions or innovations to make your dog's experience even better.

Size and weight were also thought of very well to fit nicely in the hand and be easy to throw. Different plastics for different dogs, mainly focusing on bite resistance for one type and on handling for the other type.Sandblasted for better grip in wet conditions and to counter the saliva production having an effect on the grip. The icing on the cake is the logo on inside of the disc which is not centered on purpose.


Except for Skyhoundz, the discs have been accepted to be used in all competitive and recreational formats




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